Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Post.

Christmas was great. Great time with family, plus lots of good food to eat. I am looking forward to New Year's now because it is sure to be another blast. My favorite part is kissing my husband at midnight and making our new year's resolutions. Maybe 2011 will be the best year yet!
Which reminds me I am trying to clean out my shop so that this new year I can start out fresh. So if you see something you like use the coupon code yearendsale15 and get 15% off! I promise to throw in something a little extra if you do...
Okay I will leave you with this video that I found over on Pikaland's site. It is so beautious!
Happy NEW Year!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

So much for that.

So I tried out the new coupon code and didn't get a single order. A little discouraging, but I am trying to stay positive. For this coming new year I would really like to see my shop take off. I am going to dedicate more time to it and try to post more here too. I already have ideas of what new items I will be creating and hopefully I will be able to refine my photo skills too. It's a lot of work but I would like to be able to make some sort of living off my art to prove to people it's not a waste of time. Anyway, I think I will start the new year with a new coupon code so I can hopefully sell what's in my shop now. As they say out with the old and in with the new.
Until then I am going to enjoy the time off with my family and hope that you all do too.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Minute!

Wanted to let you all know that I am offering a special coupon code for this weekend.
The code is lastminute321 and gives you 10% off your purchase!
So please stop by my shop, I have been adding new things over the last week.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


It is snowing like crazy outside right now which is why I am tucked away inside where is it nice and warm. It's also given me a chance to add a new item to the shop, so as always please take a look. Along with the tiny update I plan on doing some Christmas present wrapping and hot cocoa drinking. I am watching Elf right now and will soon be moving on to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I will have to eventually head back outside to do more shoveling it has just snowed that much since my husband and I shoveled this morning. It has been snowing constantly all day. So all you out there bundle up and stay warm!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good bye November

Thought I should get one more post in before the calender changes. Can't believe December is already here. I have been enjoying the Christmas shopping and because I rule at it, I am almost done. There are always those little gifts that you have to do some real hunting for.
In ref. to my last post I did finally get to see Harry Potter!!! Yay!
I was a little sad there wasn't more Luna in it but at least she was somewhat. The way she says things is just so cute.
Also there are a couple happy new items in the shop so please feel free to take a gander!
I will leave you and November with a couple books that I recently finished reading: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr was wicked good, Paranormalcy by Kiersten White was filled to the brim with supernatural creatures and happenings, The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff just look at the cover and you will want to read it, and Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin. I don't know how it happened but November was the month of fairies for my book choices some way or another they made their way in.
Stay warm!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not at Harry Potter

There is a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter but I am not at it. Some of us have to work in the morning. I do plan on seeing it sometime soon hopefully and I plan on wearing my customary shirt that I have worn to most the movies if not all. I think it looks awesome and can't wait to go. Instead I am at home feeling stuck in a rut. I haven't crocheted anything new in awhile, just have been doing random sketches in the sketchbook. Not much of anything. Just a whole lot of blah... Hopefully this will pass soon...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Warm days cold nights.

I can hardly believe it is November already. How time is flying past. Soon there will be snow on the ground and Christmas time. Which also means some vacation days but I am getting ahead of myself. As usual I have been trolling around the interweb and have found some really great sites and artists. I must say my new favorite site is Super Punch. They update all the time and it is always something interesting. Dull moments at work you can find me flipping over there for a little pick me up. Another similar site but not updated as much is Share Some Candy. It is filled with creative goodies.
Now to the awesome artists that I have stumbled upon. The first is JAW Cooper. What I like about her site is that she often shows you the process her pieces take, so you get to see something from sketch to finished product. Artist two is Katie Cook. She does a bunch of comic art, stuff relating to Star Wars, superheroes, etc. Really fun and cute. Last artist for now is Caia Koopman. She paints some really lovely ladies. Her blog isn't much but definitely check out her gallery. Pretty.
Random book recommendation: I am Number Four. It was awesome sci-fic. Not usually my forte but could hardly put it done. But that's just me. (It is being made into a movie)
So there it is folks. Sorry about the wait. Hopefully more goodies to found.

Monday, October 25, 2010


If a rock can smile what reason do I have not too...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's a Ten!

Happy 10-10-10!!!
Here's a video to celebrate. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

There's no place like Gnome...

New in the shop! An amigurumi gnome! Finally took pictures and got it listed in my esty shop so please take a look.
I find taking the pictures the hardest part. Here is one of the reject pictures that is so bad I kind of like it. It reminds me of those Bigfoot sighting photos. For better pictures check out the shop.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Being the rainy weather that it is I have been puttzing around on the internet. I have been finding some very fun sites that I like so I thought I would share them with you. The first is ModCloth. They make fashion look so fun and easy. I like how they also mix other things in like music and art. It makes me want to go shopping for adorable vintage clothes eventhough I doubt I would have their good luck.Another site is of an artist that I had seen before Liza Corbett. I had written her name down in my sketchbook so I would remember her. I had seen Liza's sketchbook on another site and really liked it and wanted my sketchbook to look that amazing. Her work reminds me of fairy tales and enchantments.
Last but not least an artist I think I mentioned earlier in my blog was recently featured on the Juxtapoze Magazine site. The artist is Krista Huot and her work is also very fairy tale like, are you seeing a pattern here?
Hope you liked the sites and maybe found some inspiration.
I did recently finish another amigurumi to be added to my shop. Right now the little guy is hanging out on the top of my tv waiting to have his picture taken. So keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Findings

Haven't posted much lately, I just haven't found anything that has inspired my usual spontaneous blogging. If you notice on the left I updated my links, moved things around and added a bunch of new ones. The links is where I always go when checking out people's sites. Sometimes it is like falling down the rabbit hole and when you reach the bottom you are left wondering how in the world did you end up here. Just the other day I stumbled upon this cute site that now when I tried to find it again it was lost to me. I was a little disapponinted because it was filled with adorable monsters hanging out in the real world. If anyone knows what I am talking about please send me a link. Now I will leave you with this video that made me laugh on this lovely Friday evening, happy weekend to you all.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello Cute!

Is it wrong that I am having a tough time resisting the urge to buy these?
Hello Kitty + Dr. Martens = Love!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gen Con!

Yup you read that right, Gen Con. I was there for the first time ever and what an adventure it was. I have never been to a convention before and wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be a lot of fun. The first day was a little overwhelming but a super nice stranger helped us find our way and showed us the ropes a little. I feel bad that we never got his name but whoever you are THANKS! The exhibit hall alone was always packed with people and vendors, game demos, you name it. Don't even get me started on the costumes, amazing. (see photo above)
My favorite part of the hall was the Artist section. So much talent! I talked to a few and wish I had picked up more business cards. Here are a couple that I met and thought had some nice work.
Little Big Illustrations caught my eye because hello, dinosaurs. When I was little I was fascinated by them and would check out this huge book from the library and just flip through it for hours. I had to check out their booth and ended up buying a magnet with the T-Rex.
Artist Heather Kreiter also took me back to my childhood with her My Little Pony look a likes. I bought two of her prints because they are so cute and colorful.
A couple other artists that I liked and grabbed their cards were Beth Trott (she is super nice and easy to talk too), A.L. Ashbaugh ( I ended up buying an I love brains pin from her booth), and Lynell Ingram (her blog has a post about Gen Con, I bought two of the little gnomes she mentions).
There were so many more great and interesting people, this is just to give you a small taste. Would I go again? You bet! If you were there give me a shout out, maybe share an artist that you met or some other fun thing. Until next year...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Late Night Musings

Veronica Mars! How did I miss this when it was originally on TV? I vaguely remember hearing about it but never really looked in to it. Just tonight I stumbled upon it on Netflix and already watched several episodes. A little addicting obviously. Veronica is a cute, sassy, and smart girl who helps her detective dad solve cases. Lots of witty dialogue too.

I also just finished the second book "Captivate" in the Need series by Carrie Jones. I read it in only a couple days. Was pretty fast paced and leaves you wanting more so good thing there's a third(Entice) and fourth book in the series. Pixies don't seem so cute and innocent after you read it. Sorry Tinkerbell.
Last but not least. Went and saw Socerer's Apprentice. Not the greatest movie but it did lead me to a great song that was featured "Gold Coast" by Grouplove. It's pretty much been on repeat since then.
Now you have something to watch, read, or give a listen too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Library Love

I know my last post was a video but I saw another great one. The video is about libraries which are such awesome places filled with great people I thought it needed to be shared. It is inspired by the Old Spice guy so I am putting up one of his videos too that way you won't be totally lost if you haven't heard of him.
Now for your viewing enjoyment!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Double Rainbow

If you haven't already seen this you must watch this video. You won't be able to stop smiling and maybe even giggle a few times. If only we were all able to get this excited about the simple things. :) Also check out the Double Rainbow song it is super catchy.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Creepy Book for a Rainy Night

I am taking a break from reading my so far pretty awesome book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" to poke around on the web and to finally post on here seeing as it has been a while. It is summer so I am being lazy and trying to enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. I have picked up crocheting again and enjoy keeping my hands busy and seeing the results. Recently I have finished a couple hats, some turning out better then others. I also have been watching movies because movie theaters = free air conditioning for a couple hours. Riding my bike has also become a summer past time, it's good for the body and clears the head. Hope whoever may be reading this that your summer is going well and that you are taking time to have some fun. I would recommend reading "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", I am liking it more then I did "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" but both books are very interesting. Maybe give both books a try if you feel so inclined. Also Tim Burton is supposedly making a movie adaptation of the "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". I can't help but get excited because the odds are that it will be awesome!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eisley - My Favorite Band

It's true, Eisley is my favorite band. I happened upon them years ago and have been listening ever since. I thought I would post the link to Sherri Dupree Bemis' blog. She is so cute and she makes great art and music. I am also putting it on the side with my other favorite places to visit.
Take a look and a listen!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rainy days

There have been a lot of rainy days lately so instead of doing my reading outside I have been snuggled up in the chair with my book. The book I am kicking off the summer with is The Mysterious Benedict Society. I like that there are two more for me to read after this one. I am about half way through just taking my time. I really enjoy the illustrations at the beginning of the chapters. It's a good mystery full of puzzles and clues.

Friday, May 28, 2010


When bored I will often watch movie trailers of movies that will be coming out and that's how I stumbled upon the trailer for Beastly. Being a fairy tale junkie especially when it comes to the story of Beauty and the Beast, I have already read the book Beastly that the movie is based on. Even though it looks a little cheesy, I still have a secret desire to see. If not for the story, seeing Mary Kate Olsen as the witch is probably worth it. Is it me or does she look amazing? Also Neil Patrick Harris is an extra bonus.
Totally Bewitching ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a Little Something...

Saw this quote in the front of a book today and loved it so I thought I would share.

"Our heads are round to allow our thoughts to change direction." ~Francis Picabia.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two for One

Since I haven't posted in awhile I thought I would share two new finds. I majored in art so whenever I am at a library or bookstore I can't help but notice book covers and illustrations. These two guys are some new favorites I just found."Young Iggy Peck is an architect
and has been since he was two,
when he built a great tower - in only an hour -
with nothing but diapers and glue.
'Good Gracious, Ignacious!' his mother exclaimed.
'That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!'
But her smile faded fast as a light wind blew past
and she realized those diapers weren't clean!" - Iggy Peck Architect
The first is David Roberts. I love his art in the book Iggy Peck Architect. The story is fabulous too! I also just recently read The Dunderheads which he also illustrated. Once again amazing drawings and color. I couldn't find his personal site (if he has one I missed it). But another blogger (Sweet Pea) awhile back wrote about him and had some nice pics too.
The other illustrator is Glin Dibley. I noticed his work on several book covers and decided that I had to look him up. Again I didn't find a personal site but I did find is portfolio on Shannon Associates. Really loving the colors and sense of humor.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Music

I am really getting into The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz. I am only about half way through but I like all the music included in the story. Makes me think back fondly on the days when I was younger and I would listen to my moms records and make up dances with my sister.
To go along with the vinyl theme I thought including Sleeve Face would be fitting.
Some of the photos are pretty great. Maybe throw on some music while you look.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday Night

I had to post this picture from Animals Acting Like Animals, because ever since the movie Emperors New Groove I have developed an affection for llamas they are just so silly. Demon llama where?
Some how I managed to do laundry and go for a bike ride after work today. May not sound like much to some people but I felt pretty accomplished. It's the small things.
Other then that pretty uneventful. I have been adding to my music collection on my Ipod. My nerd starts to show when it comes to music because I bought two book related songs. From Diary of a Wimpy Kid - What do you want from me? and from Curious George - Upside down. Not only that the book I happen to be currently reading is music related. Just started reading The Vinyl Princess. Maybe that's what got me in the music buying mood or it could be the other way around. Let your nerd show!

Friday, April 09, 2010

More Zombies!

Have been a little on the lite side of book reviewing on here. Still reading a bunch of manga with a couple books thrown in for variety. Lovely Complex is a pretty good shojo graphic novel series. Kinda goofy too.
The Museum of Mary Child was a strange very gothic book. When I finished reading it I thought to myself, "That was really quite peculiar".
Now I am on to more zombies in the book The Dead Tossed Waves. It is the sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth. If you are into zombies I would highly recommend both of these books.
Have a great weekend filled with reading and maybe a couple zombies!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Find - Krista Hout

Just saw this artist - Krista Hout - on the Sweet Station blog.
Seeing her work got me excited about my own because it is a little similar.
I also like her work because it appeals to my enjoyment of fairy tales.
It is delicate and lovely take a look!
On a side note went and saw Alice in Wonderland.
So much to look at.
Whoever did the costume design for Alice did an amazing job.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy, Busy, Bacon

Life has been busy but who's isn't these days?
Thought I would just post a link that I saw over on Bookshelves of Doom.
It makes you it is.

On the lighter side.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hair raising reads

Recently finished the newest book in the Blue Bloods series. I like this series because it has a different take on vampires, them being fallen angels trying to redeem themselves. I just wish it wasn't such a long wait between books.
I also have been reading a lot of manga graphic novels.
I liked the Ultra Maniac series 1-5. It was a cute magic gone wry with some love drama thrown in for flavor. The series I am currently reading is Alice 19th. This one is also filled with magic but a lot more serious and dark then Ultra Maniac. Alice 19th comes with plenty of love drama to make it interesting. (Warning Alice 19th does contain some nudity.)
My loyal feline is getting into the manga vibe too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strange Angels

Just finished reading Strange Angels yesterday. I have to say it took me longer then usual to read this book. It starts out with a spout of action then seems to drag along until you get to the end. The story is of a teenage girl Dru who goes hunting for things that go bump in the night with her father. Right off the bat her father gets turned into a zombie and Dru is forced to kill him. From there the story really slows down and has random spurts of action. You do meet a couple other characters like Graves but details on his history are vague. At times it was hard to read because of it's choppy pacing, I caught myself going back several times trying to figure out what I just read. To me it seemed like the book didn't really start to probably the last third of the book when you meet Christophe. I will probably read the second book because I am curious about what happens to Dru and Graves. If you can get past the slow development I think the second book will make up for with hopefully more action and a smoother reading. If you like Twilight there is a good chance you will enjoy this one.
Here's the book trailer to give you a little taste.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In between books I have been devouring the Fables series. It is a comic series based on the characters from fairy tale stories like Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Prince Charming, and many more. The fairy tale beings have been exiled from their homelands and are now living out in our "mundane" world as they call it. They are trying to not only survive in our world but they are also trying to hatch a plan that will get them back to their world that was taken from them by the evil Adversary. If you love fairy tales or fantasy you will most certainly like this series.
Be warned the content is for mature readers.
It is filled with love, betrayal, magic, and a good share of twists and turns.
Here's the DC comic site for the series. You can even download the first issue.

Just One of Those Mornings

All I have to say is "Uuuuuugggggghhhhh...."
At work and I already want to crawl back into bed.
It is just a bunch of little things going wrong, that make it feel like one big pain.
I am crossing my fingers that now since I have whined over the morning events that things will start looking up. Here's to hoping.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One More Book to Add

Sadly the Holiday Break is over which means it's back to work. I finished one last book for the Holiday Break Book Challenge right before vacation ended.
1. Fade Out by Rachel Caine it is book 7 in the Morganville Vampire Series.
If you are looking for a good vampire read but don't have much time this is a good series for that. One of the main characters is a brainy somewhat nerdy girl which always wins me over.
So long days of sleeping in, it is awhile before the next break.