Monday, January 24, 2011


How awesome would this job be?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking Sharp.

So the new year so far has been pretty uneventful. Still sketching and reading manga. Also reading the novel Beautiful Creatures not very far but getting sucked in to the point of not wanting to set it down. But I must if I want to get some drawing done even if it's just a little which seems to be all the time and energy I have for lately. Would like to get some new stuff in the shop soon guess I better make the trip to the art supply store for some nice paper. You know the endless to do list...Well just wanted to pop over to the blog to chat and share a new site I found. If you like the illustration up top check out the rest of Kate Beaton's work at Hark! A Vagrant.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A First.

Today I was bumming around on Esty like I do sometimes. Often with the small hope that I will log in to discover I have sold something. But alas no such luck. So I decided since I was on there I would try making a treasury. I went with what I thought would be fun gifts to give that special guy in your life. It was pretty neat putting it all together, which means I will probably be doing it again soon. Take a look and you will see what I mean.
For the King of the Castle Treasury.
Little Fox Prince, 8.5x11 inch Print

Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year with Some More Snow Sprinkles.

Happy New Year!
I am really hoping that 2011 is going to be thee year for me. Last year... not so great, but this year is going to be different, it has to be. So to start off the year I changed the blog background to keep you on your toes. I also started the year out by reading a ton of manga over the break. Drum roll...time for my wonderful reading list with additional comments!
In no certain order I read:
Moon Boy which is about rabbit people from the moon being pursued by the fox people. It may sound a little strange but I liked how it came off as a modern fairy tale and the drawings are really cute.
Fruits Basket is about a girl whose mother died so she gets taken in by the family of a boy in her class. It just turns out that this family is cursed by the Chinese zodiac so when they are hugged by the opposite sex or become weak they turn into that animal. Very light and fluffy.
Children of the Sea is about a girl that meets a couple of peculiar boys through her father who works at the aquarium. These boys can swim like no human and are in tune with each other and sea animals in a way that can't be explained. The story and art of the books is amazing. I got hooked right away and can't wait till the next one comes out.
Others that I read were the manga adaptation of Maximum Ride along with the first two books of the Black Bird series. Feel free to leave manga suggestions in the comments, I am always on the look out for new ones to read.
The great thing about manga it feeds both my reading and art addiction at the same time.
Hope your year is off to a good start! Here's to hoping for an awesome 2011!