Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When will the weekend start?

What a week so far and it is only Wednesday. At least I can say that it is half way over. That makes me happy because I know I have a day off headed my way but it also means that I am closer to my first day at my new job. I signed more paper work today and now have a photo ID, it's official. If I think about it to much I start to freak out a little. So I lose myself in a book to keep those thoughts at bay. Bob keeps telling me how great I will do, here's to hoping that he's right.

Monday, November 17, 2008

No time to hibernate.

Big things have been happening. I finally get to put my degree to work. I got hired for a position at a school, even though it is part time it is still something that could lead to something more. Plus the exprience will do me good and will help with future positions. I start next week. I am nervous as you would probably have guessed. Right now I am trying to get everything filled out and ready. I am busy busy. I am going to try and relax tonight and watch the new episode of Heroes. That show is really great, a close second to my favorite show Pushing Daises.
I hope that once things settle down I will be able to get back to my art. Just have been doing some sketches here and there.
Happy Monday!