Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strange Angels

Just finished reading Strange Angels yesterday. I have to say it took me longer then usual to read this book. It starts out with a spout of action then seems to drag along until you get to the end. The story is of a teenage girl Dru who goes hunting for things that go bump in the night with her father. Right off the bat her father gets turned into a zombie and Dru is forced to kill him. From there the story really slows down and has random spurts of action. You do meet a couple other characters like Graves but details on his history are vague. At times it was hard to read because of it's choppy pacing, I caught myself going back several times trying to figure out what I just read. To me it seemed like the book didn't really start to probably the last third of the book when you meet Christophe. I will probably read the second book because I am curious about what happens to Dru and Graves. If you can get past the slow development I think the second book will make up for with hopefully more action and a smoother reading. If you like Twilight there is a good chance you will enjoy this one.
Here's the book trailer to give you a little taste.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In between books I have been devouring the Fables series. It is a comic series based on the characters from fairy tale stories like Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Prince Charming, and many more. The fairy tale beings have been exiled from their homelands and are now living out in our "mundane" world as they call it. They are trying to not only survive in our world but they are also trying to hatch a plan that will get them back to their world that was taken from them by the evil Adversary. If you love fairy tales or fantasy you will most certainly like this series.
Be warned the content is for mature readers.
It is filled with love, betrayal, magic, and a good share of twists and turns.
Here's the DC comic site for the series. You can even download the first issue.

Just One of Those Mornings

All I have to say is "Uuuuuugggggghhhhh...."
At work and I already want to crawl back into bed.
It is just a bunch of little things going wrong, that make it feel like one big pain.
I am crossing my fingers that now since I have whined over the morning events that things will start looking up. Here's to hoping.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One More Book to Add

Sadly the Holiday Break is over which means it's back to work. I finished one last book for the Holiday Break Book Challenge right before vacation ended.
1. Fade Out by Rachel Caine it is book 7 in the Morganville Vampire Series.
If you are looking for a good vampire read but don't have much time this is a good series for that. One of the main characters is a brainy somewhat nerdy girl which always wins me over.
So long days of sleeping in, it is awhile before the next break.