Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nice to Meet You!

I just recently opened my shop on Esty and have been adding some new items. Tomorrow I will be adding a couple more. I really want my shop to take off, because I love creating art and sharing it with others. So with this blog I plan on sharing a little about me and about what I am doing artistically along with anything that inspires me or I just get a kick out of.

So now for a little bit about me...
  • I am the peanut butter girl next door type who married her blonde blue eyed high school sweet heart. (yes that still happens).
  • I went to the local university and double majored in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and also Art Education.
  • Currently I am job searching while working at the local video rental store, if you need any recommendations on movies I am your gal. Or as my shirt puts it I am your "Movie Goddess".
  • I love libraries, books, and reading. It just so happens that I have my library card number memorized ( nerd ).
  • I share my home with my husband and a furry cat named Mr.Yum Yums.
Now a little something about my artwork...

  • My work mainly consists of drawing and painting.
  • My figures for the most part stand alone on the blank canvas. The main characters of some story or film that is yet to be written.
  • The envelopes are made from the magazines that litter my home and often inspire my paintings. When making them I don't have sets in mind I just make a whole bunch, lay them out and see what goes together. (Which is my favorite part.)

There it is folks, I hope that you stop by here and my shop often. Feel free to leaves comments or email me. I would like to get to know other artists like myself.

For now have a great weekend!

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