Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days Away

So there hasn't been any posting on here lately because I have been out and about, in another state to be exact. It was great to get away for awhile and have a ton of fun on top of that. But it is back to the cold and work for me. I keep writing about Spring, guess I am wishing it would get here already so I can be outside without a winter coat. I also must not be the only one dreaming of Spring because after posting flower crowns here I have begun to see them popping up everywhere, like daisies! So here is a link to a site with a tutorial where you can learn to make your own, which I just might do if Spring would ever get here, you can't really wear a flower crown over the hood of your coat. Also another blogger, (Blythe Hill whose blog I think is great and look at it often), has noted the trend and has some more pics of fellow crown wearers. So if it is already Spring where you are I hope you are enjoying it while wearing a flower crown of your own.

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