Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DisneyWorld and the Ocean Could it get any Better.

I haven't posted anything lately because I have been out and about. To Florida to be exact seeing the sights and visiting friends. It was my first time seeing the ocean. I loved it. The water was warm and clear and simply amazing. Plus the sand was so white and fine. DisneyWorld was another first for me. I can see why it is called DisneyWorld because it is like a world in and of itself. My favorite attraction was the Haunted Mansion ride, the way the ghosts appeared and disappeared was really awesome. I also rode the Jungle Cruise which was a lot of fun, our boat guide was really funny and talked about a hour a minute. It was really neat seeing Cinderella's Castle up close, I heard that there are secret rooms inside I wonder if that is true. Tomorrow will be some more fun for me as I will be going to a Mae concert. I really like their music and have all their CDs. I am trying to decide if I want to be cheesy and bring one along for them to sign.
Hope you have fun things planned too!

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